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What are the scarves made of?

100% merino wool, which is very soft and absolutely not itchy at all.

How do you wash them?

Hand-wash in cool water, with a mild detergent, and lay flat to dry.

What is a loop scarf?
It is a scarf with no ends, it can loop once or twice around.

Is there a secret pocket?
No, that is just the name :)

How do you ship?
I ship priority mail with delivery confirmation to the US, and first-class internationally. I adjust the shipping price and refund the difference if needed after shipping.

Can I get it in time for Christmas?
For the US, my shop will be closing 12pm EST December 19th, and all purchases made up until that time should arrive in time for Christmas barring any post office mishaps that are beyond my control.
Internationally, to most countries the deadline is December 10th.